CopperFit® Pro Series

Targeted Kinesiology Compression Bands Designed to Pinpoint and Relieve Muscle and Joint Soreness!
Elbow or Knee Sleeve Limited Time Only! FREE SHIPPING! Brett Farve Number 4

Features & Benefits

  • Kinesiology compression bands are strategically patterned in the garment to target known pain center points
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation
  • Improves recovery & performance
  • Guaranteed relief of muscle aches and pains or your money back
  • Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!
    Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!
    Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!
  • Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!
    Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!
    Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!

High performance copper infused compression, woven with targeted kinesiology technology to aid in faster recovery & performance and guaranteed relief of muscle aches and pains.

Order CopperFit™ Pro Series Today!

"“After all the rehab that I’ve done on my knee, it’s still giving me that constant discomfort. With Copper Fit® Pro, my mobility has improved tremendously. Copper Fit® has given me back my confidence.”"

Order Copper Fit® Pro Series Today!

"The recovery period after I’m done working out with the Copper Fit® Pro has reduced the pain from working out to my everyday life. I think the Copper Fit® Pro is for everybody from extreme athletes to the everyday person. They will love this product."

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